Sunday, September 14, 2008


Tidbits, Morsels and Shneckins

The best 30th birthday cake. Evah. It even includes 30 mini cupcakes. Cake genius.

Every 30 year old secretly wants a Star Wars birthday party.

Complete with Pin/Stick-The-Thing-On-Darth-Vader. Sadly, the birthday boy came in second.

This is how the cats help with the packing and moving.

The Mister's aforementioned Grand Cayman-ing company decided to offer a magnet contest. With the "Save the Date" magnet for the trip, one was to make a creative something using their fridge as the backdrop. Seriously. How can I not win? I own more tacky magnets than all of you combined. Incidentally, the company magnet is in the small boat on the right. Contest results pending.

When my bestie and I went on our Historical Marker road trip a few weekends ago, this was the most clean and usable restroom we came upon. And it was in the middle of a park. Clearly, though, that is some valuable TP. They had to padlock it.

I bet they play a lot of Risk in this town.

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