Friday, September 28, 2007


I don't want no scrubs.

Let's review one of the primary reasons I got into this business. YOU wear trouser socks, nylons and pumps to work. I wear athletic socks and crocs. YOU wear Ann Taylor to work and iron and flat iron/blow dry/screw with your hair. I wear scrubs, hoodies and a ponytail. Oh right, and I help people and find the rewarding benefits of nursing to really fulfill my soul. And I basically show up to work in pajamas.

That being said, I was informed today that perhaps scrubs aren't the most flattering work ensembles ever made for me.

I have really been down playing the hitchin' at work (T minus one week!). I'm the new girl, and I have only one chance to make that first work impression and generally loathe the idea of being "that girl who's all giggly and amped about her stupid wedding." At the bequest of a new friend, I brought in pictures of my wedding dress -- with me in it -- to quench her curiosity -- on the stated proviso that I only show her. Midway through her gushing, a coworker who hails from a far more blunt, candid and "from brain to mouth in under .4 seconds!" country and culture pops her head over and takes a gander.

"Oh WOW, Cathy! That is beautiful! And I never realized you were actually THIN!"

Huh. I'm still not sure what to do with that. Offended? Flattered. Offended? Flattered.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Another quality, fun-filled, pooptastic day at work!

Seriously, if it isn't a wedding blog these days, it's going to be a hospital blog.
Build your bridge and get over it.

This work week's learning points were:

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