Friday, August 31, 2007


Get your Colonial on.

Recently I took a quick trip through Williamsburg, VA, what some reading this may refer to as the Mother-Land/Mother-Ship/Place with Mug Night/Land of all that is warm and comforting about not being an adult or expected to be an adult.

Super-quick trip, really. But enough time, clearly, to stop at Snow-to-Go, drive my car-mate and Bestie by the old Soro house, art studio and frat row. Additionally stopping to balk at the new Barksdale dorms (which I'm sure are delightful to live in and bring much needed revenue to our Alma Mater.. BAH..), point out the Marketplace and the Greenleafe and stare blankly at what WAS Common-Glory and is now the new Amphitheater.

A power walk through the Colonial haunts provided a more picture-purging adventure.

I have to caption none of these photos for you.
You, who know these places as well as I do.
You, who have these same pictures with different heads on them in your collection somewhere.

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