Wednesday, October 11, 2006


HOOAH! The Army 10-Miler

Sunday was a great day for me. Really, a super-awesome-better-than-I-thought day. Sunday I woke up at 5AM to be at the Vienna metro at 6AM to be at the Pentagon at 7AM for an 8AM race. And it.was.awesome.

The highlights:

Mile 0 - 1

Mile 1-2

Mile 2-3

Mile 3-4

Mile 4-5

Mile 5-6

Mile 6-7

Mile 7-8

Mile 8-9

Mile 9-10

This was an awesome race. In fact, I'm so glad I didn't have an iPod with me or I would have missed all the heartfelt cheering and silly bands. There was so much friendliness and good will among the runners that it ceased to be an intimidating event from the moment I got on the metro with every other runner that morning.

The last few days have been spent popping pills and coming to terms with my love affair with Flex-All cream. But it's a good hurt. So good, in fact, that there is talk of the Rock N Roll Half Marathon -- 13.1 miles -- in January in Phoenix (what?! Have running shoes, will travel?). And another next September in Virginia Beach.

So, anyone wanna train with me?

I know Old Glory was there...I just KNOW it.
I love love love this race report and I'm SO pumped for you!!! Maybe I'll see you in sept for the rock n roll half marathon I bowed out on this year :)
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